Ronin Business Group Pty Ltd Privacy Policy

Last modified: 1 August 2018

Ronin Business Group Pty Ltd (we, us, our) is committed to protecting the personal information it collects from you. However, we are not required to comply with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) and while not purporting to be a statement of compliance with the Privacy Act, this document sets out how we collect, use, and disclose personal information. By accessing our website, using our services, or providing any personal information to us, you agree to be bound by this privacy policy and consent to our use and disclosure of your personal information as explained within this policy.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or our handling of your personal information, please contact:

reception@ronin.com.au / 07 3358 5062



  • General Usage: We use your data to provide and improve the website and services. We may disclose your data to our service providers bound by confidentiality.
  • Anonymity: You can access our website anonymously. If you engage us to provide services, we will require valid credentials.
  • Credit Card Data: We do not accept payments via our website. Payments of our invoices via credit are processed through a secure merchant banking facility. We do not retain credit card data.
  • Marketing: We may send marketing material (including relevant third party offers) to you unless you opt-out.
  • No Data Sold: We will not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others.
  • Overseas Disclosure: Our services are supported by developers and technical support in countries such as the UK, the USA, and France.
  • Updates: You may request to update your details by request, however updates may be denied in some circumstances.
  • Disclosure by Law: We may disclose your data where required by law or court order.

Personal Information Personal information in this privacy policy has the same meaning as in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). It includes any data from which an individual’s identity can be ascertained. The data need not be true, may be mere opinion, and need not be in writing.

General Use All data and personal information we receive, including metadata generated through your access or use of the website, may be used to deliver and improve these services. We may use third party services or software in delivering the website to you, and disclose your data for this purpose.

For example, we use your contact details for billing purposes if you engage our services, to keep you informed of updates and changes to our services, and to provide technical support for our website.

Anonymity You may interact with and use the website anonymously, however if you wish to engage our services, we will require you to verify your identity.

As you access the website, we collect and use temporary session data (cookies) to provide the necessary functionality of the website, and these cookies may include identifiers such as your IP address.

Credit Card Data We do not receive or store any credit card information via the website. Payments of our invoices via credit are processed through a secure merchant banking facility. We do not retain credit card data.

Method of collection Personal information will generally be collected directly from you through the use of any of our standard forms, over the internet, via email, or through a telephone conversation with you. There may, however, be some instances where personal information about you will be collected indirectly because it is unreasonable or impractical to collect personal information directly from you. We will usually notify you about these instances in advance, or where that is not possible, as soon as reasonably practicable after the information has been collected.

Safety and Security of Personal Information We store your personal information in different ways, including in paper and in electronic form. The security of your personal information is important to us. We take all reasonable precautions to protect personal information from interference, misuse, loss, unauthorised disclosure, unauthorised access, and unauthorised modification. This includes appropriately securing our physical facilities and electronic networks.

We have a Privacy Officer who oversees the management of this Privacy Policy and compliance with privacy laws. This officer may have other duties within our business and may also be assisted by internal and external contractors, professionals and advisors.

By accessing the website, using our contact form, interacting with us on social media, or sending us an email or physical mail, you acknowledge that the security of online transactions and the security of communications sent by electronic means or by post cannot be guaranteed. You provide information, including personal information, to us at your own risk. We cannot accept responsibility for misuse or loss of, or unauthorised access to, personal information where the security of information is not within our control.

You acknowledge that we are not responsible for the privacy or security practices of any third party (including third parties that we are permitted to disclose or transfer personal information to in accordance with the privacy policy or any applicable laws). The collection and use of personal information by such third parties may be subject to separate privacy and security policies.

If you suspect any misuse or loss of, unauthorised access to, or unauthorised disclosure of, your personal information, you should let us know immediately. We are not liable for any loss, damage or claim arising out of another person’s use of your personal information.

Marketing If you subscribe to our mailing list, or order through our website, we may use your contact details to send you marketing materials. You may opt-out at any time by notice by email to reception@ronin.com.au or through the unsubscribe link found in all marketing emails we send.

We use a third party system to manage our marketing campaigns, and we may disclose your contact details to our service providers for this purpose. Our service providers are not permitted to sell, use or disclose your contact details or contact you for any other purpose unless required by law.

We may include third party offers in marketing materials we send to you. We do not sell, trade or rent your contact details or any other personal information to any third party.

Overseas Data Disclosure Our website and services are supported by a number of third party service providers, including some located overseas in countries including the UK, the USA, and France. For example:

  • Website analytics are provided by Google located in the USA.
  • Our website incorporates third party software hosted in the USA.
  • We use MailChimp to handle our direct mail campaigns, located in the USA.
  • Some of our developers and support staff are located in the UK, and France

We endeavour to contractually bind all of our overseas service providers to obligations of confidentiality.

Access and Updates to Personal Information Our clients may update their contact details and billing information at any time by submitting a support ticket, by notice to your account representative, or by email to reception@ronin.com.au. You may request to access or correct personal information we hold about you by email to reception@ronin.com.au.

There is no charge for making a request. Where we permit access, we reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee to cover our costs, assessed on a case by case basis.

Please note: our clients may have collected personal information about you which is processed or stored by us. We do not disclose or update client data without written permission from our client, unless required by law or court order. If you wish to update or correct your personal information processed or stored by us for one of our clients, you should instead contact our client.

Disclosure by Law We may use, modify, disclose or delete any data, including personal information, where required by law, binding regulation or court order.

Jurisdiction The laws of the State of Queensland, Australia apply to this Privacy Policy and the parties submit exclusively to the courts of that jurisdiction in relation to any alleged breach of this policy.

Complaints and Disputes If you have a complaint relating to an alleged breach of Australian privacy laws, you should contact us in writing using the details listed in this Privacy Policy. When you notify us of a complaint about our handling of your personal information, we will endeavour to work with you to resolve the complaint within a reasonable period of time. If you are unsatisfied with our response, you may refer the complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at https://www.oaic.gov.au.

Additions to this Privacy Policy We may amend the Privacy Policy at our sole discretion, and it is your responsibility to review this page from time to time.

We may do things in addition to what is stated in this Privacy Policy to comply with Australian privacy laws, and nothing in this Privacy Policy shall deem us to have not complied with those laws.