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Are you just starting on your social media marketing journey and want to make sure you’re doing it right from the word go?

Maybe you’ve been trying to manage your business’s social media but it’s not as effective as you’d like it to be? Or you’re ready to focus more of your marketing attention in the ‘social-verse’?

Then the Social Media Essentials Course is perfect for you.

We break down the basics of social media marketing into easy to understand, bite-sized chunks so that you can maximise your marketing time today.


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All the important stuff you NEED to know
in one course…

Imagine if you knew all the tricks that real world experts use every day to get the best results in the least amount of time – and money!

The Social Media Essentials Course will:

  • Give you the right methods to crank out engaging social content that converts to sales
  • Help you nail all the little things that you may have missed in your execution but make a big difference
  • Ensure that you stay on top of your socials moving forward and have the skills to analyse and continually improve


In 6 Powerful Lessons!

The Social Media Essentials Course Curriculum

Get the essentials right! Each of these 6 video lessons are jam-packed with info; and have been carefully engineered into easy-to-follow chunks.

They cover all the key areas you need to have right to supercharge your social media marketing from the ground up.

LESSON ONE covers what social platforms to use and the best types of content to post for your target audience;

LESSON TWO lays out key considerations and tips for how to set up your social media accounts for optimum effectiveness;

LESSON THREE introduces you to the incredibly powerful content pillars method – what it is, and how you can use them to generate months worth of content ideas quickly and easily;

LESSON FOUR saves you time and angst in creating that content – you’ll learn how to create many social posts from each simple idea;
LESSON FIVE gives you the best options for saving time with social scheduling, including a no-nonsense run down of the pros and cons of some key 3rd party tools;
LESSON SIX Measure, monitor and adapt your marketing, what to look for and where to find the metrics you need to make the best social marketing decisions

You also get access to resources for the lessons, practical worksheets, reference materials and templates. This means that you can implement what you’ve learnt in each lesson straight away. They cover all the key areas you need to have right to supercharge your social media marketing from the ground up.

Start getting better results NOW!

Download the complete 6 video series available to stream from madi.digital

Social Media Essentials Course

Regular price $199
Launch Price $99



2 reviews for Social Media Essentials Course

  1. paula fellbaum

    After I completed the Madi program, I felt like my social media skills went from the Flintstones era to the Jettsons !! The program not only was easy to follow, step by step but it kept me moving through the 6 modules at a pace I could set. I liked the real world examples and the direct links to functional templates and data that i can actually use right away. I am excited that the Master Class will push me farther and give me the edge I need to compete in this crazy online marketplace. Thanks so much Madi !!!

  2. Allison Isambert

    Social media marketing is of great interest to me in regard to building my business, but the work seems daunting. with the Madi program, I was shown how much easier it can be with some key strategies. The course was very accessible and engaging. I wanted to do it all in one seating before chunking out the tasks but I was too inspired to do as I planned and started in on the work right away. I have a much better understanding of the functionality and analytics that have been available to me but Greek until explained here. By the time I finished the courses, I was really invested in the betterment of my offerings and opted to go with the Masterclasses which I know is going to strengthen my business. Thank you to the Madi team for providing me with the tools needed to increase my productivity and allow me the opportunity to shine in my field.

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