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Madi.Digital Masterclasses amplify your marketing know-how so you can grow your business far more effectively.

We provide you with a practical, interactive webinar/workshop experience that takes Masterclasses to the next level. We don’t just TEACH you what you need to know to effectively market your business – we guide you on how to PUT IT INTO PRACTICE, and then give you FEEDBACK from our expert presenter/mentors.

Upcoming Masterclasses

Mid 2022 Masterclasses (dates to be confirmed)

WordPress for Businesses Masterclass

Does your business have a WordPress website, and you want to know how to use it effectively?

Are you frustrated every time you need to go back to your developers for any changes or tweaks?

Then this Masterclass will be perfect for you or your admin team.

We cover exactly what you need to know to take back control of your website and really start using it to grow your business!

Social Media Masterclass

Are you looking to continue to build on your social media marketing skills? Not sure where to start, or know there’s more you could be doing?

The Social Media Masterclass is designed to build on the knowledge and skills you learnt in the Social Media Essentials short course.

However, if you haven’t completed that, no problems, you’ll still find the Masterclass an in-depth and practical course to develop your social marketing skillset.

Leap ahead with the techniques the pros use…

Effective marketing isn’t just knowing what to do, it’s about knowing how to do it. 

All Madi.Digital courses, resources and masterclasses are created and taught by marketing professionals, and we let you in on the marketing secrets that the agencies don’t want you to know. 

We show you how to do it the right way.

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Short Courses

Short Video Courses

The Madi.Digital short courses are designed for small business owners who don’t want to waste anytime.  Practical, and actionable learning delivered in bite-sized lessons to be time and cost effective.

Marketing Masterclasses


Are you wanting more in-depth courses, run by our team of marketing professionals? Do you want the ability to ask questions, practice the skills learned and then get one-on-one feedback?  Then the Madi.Digital masterclasses are designed for you.

Consults and Engagements

Consults & Engagements

We also offer a range of custom consulting and marketing engagements.  Whether you are interested in one-on-one strategic planning, quarterly action planning, or an expert team to just do your marketing for you, get in touch and we can discuss how we can help.